The definition of the Whole Farm Organic

An organic farmer or processor must be committed to managing his/her land, growing or producing a crop or product without the use of harmful, toxic chemicals or substances. A farm means any land used to produce any agricultural commodity. Commodity means any article of trade. Commodities include but are not limited to: produce, farm products, livestock, medicinal and cosmetic materials. No non-organic agricultural commodities can be grown on a farm. WHOLE FARM ORGANIC reflects traditional farming methods, as it does not accept the use of toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified crops.

In an attempt to approach the ideal model, Whole Farm Organic attempts to coexist with and respect all of nature.

Whole Farm Organic uses:

  • Few off-farm inputs
  • Crop/animal diversity
  • Crop rotations
  • Green manures and fallow cycles for fertility
  • Composting
  • Spreading of crop residues or animal manures
  • Mulching and sheet composting
  • Acceptance of some crop loss due to insect cycles and other natural occurrences
  • Companion planting to enhance growth and combat insect infestation
  • There is an emphasis on mechanical and hand labour.

In 2002, a new certification body in BC, PACS , was created primarily for expediting international trade of BC organic products. Several larger SOOPA growers and handlers became members of PACS and SOOPA's membership was reduced. At the 2002 AGM, a vote was held and it was decided to maintain SOOPA as a certifying body. SOOPA retained its fundamental role of certifying organic farms and continues to serve its members in this capacity.

As members of SOOPA, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our organic methods of farming and the quality of our products. Organic agriculture provides people with healthy, wholesome food. It is also an attempt to create a healthier environment for all living organisms. Hopefully, some day, many more people will realize the importance of healthy soils and clean air and water.

Happy Organic Farming and Eating