Sterile Insect Release Program

The history of organic farming in the Similkameen Valley is uniquely joined to the fate of the codling moth in this farming area. Codling moth cydia pomenella is the worm in the apple. An uncontrolled population will explode and render an apple crop unmarketable in two years. Agriculture Canada scientists used the Similkameen Valley to develop a non-chemical control method for the codling moth in the 1970's. By releasing large numbers of sterile males into the wild population they were able to virtually eradicate the insect. In the absence of the persistent presence of the highly toxic chemicals normally used for codling moth control the populations of beneficial parasites and predators were able to grow and do their job of managing secondary pest populations. S.I.R. has proven to be very successful and is an ongoing program. Then and Now In 1999 SOOPA adopted the COABC standards.

In 2001, at the SOOPA AGM, a resolution was passed to redefine SOOPA's Whole Farm Organic Policy.